Ua 170 Collective Agreement

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Ua 170 Collective Agreement

We had to allow many of our terms and conditions to take back control of that industry, and we had to start a rapid training program to replace members who left or were expelled. This allowed us to catch up with our market share and ensure 85-90% of all management, maintenance, distribution and renovation (Dig-up) work in Canada. In addition, we have many major pipeline projects in the future and we recently signed a five-year agreement that contains the highest base interest rate and benefits in Canada! Strengthening the ability of our open-shop competitors to carry out projects with the skills of AU members and thus reducing working conditions and our ability to ensure good collective agreements in the future are some of the collective agreements that cover our members. Members will find a copy of these agreements in the Members only section, under special messages. It is the same situation we faced three years ago in the pipeline industry. Then we had many members working for open-shop pipeline competitors at the expense of highly productive but increasingly unemployed members of the AU Pipeline. Unionized employment opportunities have disappeared because our competitiveness has been diminished because of this small, unscrupulous workforce. I hope, Mr. Kinsey, that you are listening to all the members there and you deserve your support by taking the first Rep.to against everything that our Canadian brothers and sisters go through.

I am 27 years old myself and I have always been a trade unionist. I am still an active member, but I have thought several times in recent years about whether I would always make the right choice. I crossed a lot of strike lines and supported the AU in every aspect I could, I was on the finance committee, now to go to the e-board to try to move our premises forward. But there are a lot of concerns on the ground today and a lot of things have to do with why we are losing so many craftsmen in the non-union sector and why we are losing a lot of work in this sector. But all we hear from you, the people, is the size of our unions and how we gain ground when, in reality, the only people who make a lot of money are the AU representatives of our fees and other things that every room in Canada pays. I always take to the streets and deal with ignorance because I am not a local member, if it is well written in the constitution that all members are treated travellers or local. It`s the same if setting up foremen, it has to be local… it should be the best experienced, man or woman, no matter what room they are, because if we have a book of guys out there who don`t know what they`re doing, then we see really bad.