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Qur’an for Life: Dialogue, Understanding and Knowledge at ASIQS

In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate
Peace and Blessings Upon the Prophet and His Family


We are now nearing the end of January 2016. Our walk into the year is now turning into an ascent, towards heights yet to be reached. As a walk this journey has begun indeed, but it was not briskly: it never really was briskly.

The advent of the New Year has unveiled a chain of events for all of us here at Ash-Shura Institute of Qur’anic Sciences, ASIQS. As an ever-growing family we entered this month, still basked in the barakah of the month of the Mawlid of our beloved Prophet, walking into a new, unchartered territory. The Institute now finds home in Shah Alam’s Bukit Bandaraya, clad in the shades of blue: improvised, upgraded, both hopeful and optimist. With this, we are most wary that this sets a new stage for our performance for the rest of the year, if not for many years to come. It is now hard for us to take a turn back, but that too nonetheless has never been the intention.

By His mercy, ASIQS still stands, well five years after its inception, driven by a culture underlined uncompromisingly by knowledge and geared towards knowledge. The heart of the Institute is beating with this creed, to be on par with Islam’s long tradition of not only celebrating knowledge, but also honoring knowledge to levels unprecedented. We surely respect this. A throwback into the pages of history would inform us that our faith—this faith—reached our ancestors’ tongues, hearts and minds not without an information super corridor, maintained by a network of scholars fastened by faculties of skills specialties, guarded by conducts and decorum sweetened with adab and akhlak. Driven by piety, they saw no bounds to their love for knowledge, their tendency for inquisitiveness, their discrimination against ignorance and their commitment towards dialogues. Neither would we.

Our young minds are not to be without the companionship of their guardians, and we cherish the relationship between the staff at ASIQS and the parents of the Institute with a lot of care. Where we are at this very point today won’t be possible indeed should the support, cooperation and understanding given by parents and guardians are absent. Our journey is made easier by the mutual insistence to engage and empathise with each other, and this shall only be made stronger if the future of the students here at the Institute is planned together by virtues held by both parties.

In keeping with this, we extend our hands of friendship and commitment yet again, this Saturday, 30 January. From within the comforts of our new home, we intend to open the door for dialogue, under the banner ‘Quran for Life’, and keep the light of understanding alive. We seek to have all members of the ASIQS family enlightened of our agenda and highlights for our young minds, as we trail through an ever more challenging context. We shall play host to plans, suggestions and critiques, and the dialogue would be made even nurtured should your views are shared. As the old Malay adage goes, kecil tapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan. We welcome you humbly.

By Time, men are in loss indeed, says Allah in the Qur’an. Except, He continues, for those who have faith, and do good deeds, and enjoin in Truth, and enjoin in Patience. As ASIQS begin our ascent in 2016, we look back to where we began to bravely mark our milestones as the journey continues. We remain anxious, but we are also excited. And unto Him we seek the most beautiful of patience, and truly there are still so much more to be done.

See you at the Institute this Saturday, God willing. Happy New Year.