The Four Agreements Prayer

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The Four Agreements Prayer

Words and prayers are powerful chords, and you must see what you use every day: “Oh, lord, I am guilty, I should be punished for my sins.” What`s this prayer? If you think you are guilty and deserve to be punished, ask for it! I absolutely love this prayer. This is the first time I have heard it at the Hay House World Summit. I will pray this prayer again and again. It expresses what my soul was trying to tell me, but I couldn`t hear. I have it now. Thanks for sharing. I live this prayer, it is to be alive, to be in love, to be who you really are. Every word in this prayer intends to completely heal your mind. It can heal any wound in your emotional body and help you detach yourself from anything that keeps you in the drama and suffering.

I have not read the book. but this prayer has reached an agreement… Thank you… :)) “The circle of fire” prayer is enough for you to go to heaven and stay there. But first, you have to make the agreement, live the agreement and make it your own. Saying a prayer doesn`t take more than a minute, but you need discipline to do it. Say prayer first in the morning, when you open your eyes; So say it again before you go to bed. Dream of prayer. Feel the prayer with your emotional body.

Be prayer; Orient your faith and intention through prayer until your whole life rests on this prayer. You can change the story of your life at any time. You are the artist, and your art is your life. Today is the happiest day of your life, the day you accept a new relationship with life. This is the moment when you return to love, deciding to live in communion with our Creator, and this is heaven. Thank you for using my words, for using my eyes, for using my heart to share your love, wherever I am. I love you as you are, and because I am your creation, I love myself as I am. Help me to keep love and peace in my heart and to make this love a new way of life, so that I may live the rest of my life in love.

amen. Fill in your details below or click on an icon to register: I will respect all creation as a symbol of my community of love with the one who created me for the eternal happiness of humanity. Suffering and drama begin when you lie to yourself, even if you don`t realize you`re lying. You can restore the truth of who you really are. If you finally see yourself as you are, when you finally take responsibility for your creation, you will cleanse the lies of your own creation. You will get rid of emotional dramas by denouncing all the lies you believe in. It`s a process of not learning lies. It is a clean-up period, and it has nothing to do with the dream of society. How can we change the dream of society if we can`t even clean up the lies of our own dream? My answer was: “You do not whiten in heaven because you still have to purify the spirit. Your faith is powerful, but it is invested in what you believe, and most of what you believe in yourself is a lie. Take your faith out of lies! Release your faith, and you`ll see how powerful you will be.